Band 5/6 Midwives at Saint Mary’s Hospital and Wythenshawe Hospital

Our facilities are state of the art. Our care comes straight from the heart. 

Here at Saint Mary’s and Wythenshawe Hospital, we recognise that our success starts with you. We benefit from excellent facilities, an international reputation and a tradition of innovation. But it is our people that really set us apart.

Our people

Our Midwives are passionate about providing kind, safe and excellent care. They have brilliant communication and record keeping skills, plus a flexible and resourceful approach. Whether they are experienced or just starting out, they are all enthusiastic about growing and progressing.

Join us at Band 5 and you’ll discover the best place to start your career. Ours is a big, broad and busy environment. But thanks to our well-established preceptorship programme, you’ll soon feel right at home. You will enjoy all the support and opportunities you need to be the best you can be.

Experienced and dedicated registered Midwives joining us at Band 6 will benefit from a full induction, ongoing support for professional development, and excellent opportunities for rotation.

Clinical rotation is an important part of the experience at both Band 5 and 6. Gaining experience in every area of our diverse service, you will maintain existing skills, hone new ones, and continue to expand your knowledge and abilities.

The range of career opportunities is as wide as you would expect - from our established Midwifery team delivering care to low risk women, through to our multi-disciplinary team which draws on a host of talents to care for women with specialist fetal and maternal needs.

Our facilities

At Wythenshawe Hospital we have a 15 bedded delivery unit with 3 enhanced Maternal care beds, a 2 bed step down care room and a Birth pool room. There are also 2 maternity Theatres and a 4 bed recovery area, and a simulation suite for training purposes is under development within the Delivery suite. The midwifery-led unit alongside has 5 pool rooms and a 2 bed postnatal room. The 29 bedded postnatal ward includes a 6 bed Transitional care unit and an antenatal ward.

At Saint Mary’s we are based in the centre of Manchester, we are a well-known centre of excellence with a vibrant and lively working atmosphere. We provide full maternity care - from pre-conceptual counselling through to postnatal outpatient services. We have a host of specialist clinics for women with complex medical problems. We also have a co-located Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to care for babies who need extra support including neonatal surgery.

Saint Mary's facilities include:

  • Antenatal clinics provided on three sites
  • Fetal Medicine Unit
  • Ultrasound
  • Antenatal Assessment Unit
  • Delivery Unit including  HDU
  • Co located Midwifery Led Unit
  • Inpatient antenatal and postnatal wards
  • Access to theatres at any given time


Our innovation

We are determined to deliver up-to-the-minute care. Here are just a few of our innovations:

  • Successful trial of mobile devices for Community Midwives
  • The implementation of electronic diaries for booking caesarean sections and inductions of labour
  • A re-launch of the obstetric website, giving patients better access to information online
  • Consultant ‘hot week’ ward rounds and 168 consultant presence on the Delivery Unit
  • The strengthening of ‘midwifery led care’
  • A successful enhanced recovery program
  • Integration of adult critical nurses working alongside midwives on the Delivery Unit
  • Our soon to be 69 cot NICU is the only provider of neonatal surgery, and RoP treatment services in Greater Manchester and takes neonatal referrals from across the North West region
  • Established neonatal outreach (community) and inreach services
  • Nationally recognised for the quality of bereavement support
  • A thriving parent forum

Our awards

  • We are incredibly proud of our talented Midwives, who won two of the UK's top Midwifery prizes at the Royal College of Midwives Annual Midwifery Awards in 2016 .
  • Marie Zsigmond, Amanda Lewis and Siobhan O'Neill won the Team of the Year Award for their project to identify and support potential victims of trafficking (PVoT). They worked closely with other agencies including the police, Home Office and social services. Other initiatives included mandatory training for staff to recognise the signs of human trafficking to promote networking, share information, and develop response strategies and training.
  • Midwife Kirsti Redfern won the JOHNSON'S® Mentor of the Year Award. Midwifery student Shannon Hogan described how Kirsti went out of her way to ensure that she was placed with women on the unit whose clinical situation most met her learning needs. Shannon described Kirsti as selfless and a Midwife who at all times considered the needs of the woman, while balancing the need for Shannon to gain the right experience to learn and develop in her placement.

Our invitation to you

Our award-winning teams are growing - just like the birthrate, which has gone up by 2%. At Saint Mary’s alone we had 9,300 births recorded in 2016. So we’re on the lookout for compassionate Midwives to join us at Bands 5 and 6.

Whatever your level of experience, and whichever direction you want to take your career, we can promise you this: At MFT we value our Midwives as much as our patients. So you can be sure that you’ll be fully supported in your Midwifery career.

We currently have exciting opportunities in other parts of our hospital team so if you’re interested in giving a different emphasis to a fulfilling and rewarding career, there couldn’t be a better time to join us. Opportunities include:

Neonatal Intensive Care - St Mary’s Hospital has opportunities for Band 5/6 Neonatal Nurses in the co-located Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU), caring for both medical and surgical infants.

Gynaecology - St Mary’s Hospital is seeking Band 5/6 Nurses and Theatre Practitioners to provide varied Gynaecological services including Reproductive Medicine, Benign Gynaecology, Uro-Gynaecology and Oncology, Theatres.